Sunday at Scarboro – June 16, 2019

Worship Start Time: 10:30am
Theme: Trinity Sunday
Special Guest: Joe

Come to Scarboro as we worship together every Sunday. We will have the coffee on at 10, so come early and catch up with your community.

Right after the worship service there will be congregational meeting to hear and vote on our Ministry Profile & Search Committee's recommendations regarding our ministry needs at Scarboro. Please plan to attend. After the meeting, head down to the Memorial Hall for a cuppa and some conversation.

Congratulations, our Easter 'Journey to Jerusalem' was a success! By tallying our physical, spiritual & community activities, we managed to 'travel' over 11,000km - from Calgary to Jerusalem and then some! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Are you interested in a summer yoga class? Check out our new renter, Holly Lewis, offering day-time yoga, beginning with a six week series starting THIS TUESDAY, June 18 at 10:45am. Find out more about the class and how to confirm with Holly.

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Sunday at Scarboro – May 18th

Coffee and muffins will be served at 10 am. The Blessing of the Way
Service begins at 10:30 am.

Minister: Lee Spice
Theme: The Blessing of the Way
Anthem: “I’ll Sing Praise” – Allison

Coffee and fellowship will follow the service at 11:30.

If you want to read more about the service, click on the upcoming Order of Service – available on the Thursday before each service. Click on Current ScarboroNews for the latest announcements.

To listen Rev. Lee Spice’s Sermon, click here or click on the play button.

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Sermon Text:

More than 2000 years ago, a community was trying to find its way.   A tiny movement had started, based in the Jewish community, following a man that was so filled with God’s spirit, that sometimes they couldn’t see where God ended and the man began.  It was like having the presence of God amongst them.

But a lot had happened.  The man, Jesus of Nazareth, had been crucified by the Romans.  Afterwards, there were reports of people sighting him, alive, and the community felt his presence among them, as if he had never left.

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Sermon April 6th “Jesus the Liberator” – Rev. Lee Spice

Reading: John 11:1-45 Jesus Raises Lazarus to Life

Two weeks before our Good Friday dying and Easter rising, there comes a foreshadowing.  By the time we do get to Easter, there will be no doubt.   An integral part of the Jesus story is the story of dying and rising.  With the story of Lazarus, the story of a man brought to life, we understand that the grand finale is coming up, and it’s not just about Jesus’ dying and rising.  It is about our own dying and rising.

Here is the story of Lazarus, a man beloved by his sisters, and by Jesus.  Word comes to Jesus that Lazarus is ill.  Let’s assume that this is a story about ourselves.  Our story begins with the threat of loss.

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