May 5 – Red Dress Day

This week we are taking time on Wednesday Evening to commemorate Red Dress Day online.

Red Dress Day is a day set aside each year to remember and memorialize the lives of Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirit people. Each year more and more are lost as missing persons, become abducted, trafficked, commit suicide or experience violence/assault/murder. This is a systemic issue. As the value of women becomes degraded, all women become vulnerable to systems of inequality, abuse, domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse and psychological abuse. This is a time to live into our TRC Calls to Action by remembering the plight of those women lost, and it is a time to resolve to do more to demand justice and accountability, from our leaders, and from each other as outlined in the 2020 MMIWG2S Final Report "Reclaiming Power and Place."

Join us on Red Dress Day for online commemorations at 2 pm and 7 pm. There are many events going on throughout the city and with Indigenous communities. If you feel safe to attend, please do. Please wear masks and ensure you have taken precautions like vaccinations to protect yourself and others.

Click Here to Join: Townhall, 2pm MST

Click Here to Join: Film, 7pm MST

Join us if you are able as we stand with our Mothers, Sisters and Relatives to call for justice, equality & respect.