Sundays at Scarboro – February 23, 2020

Worship Start Time: 10:30am
Theme: Transfiguration Sunday | Annual General Meeting

The sandwich makers will be meeting early at 8:30am to prepare sandwiches for the Calgary Drop In Centre.

Sunday worship begins at 10:30am and we will have the coffee on for 10 o'clock. Today's service will include our Annual General Meeting. Plan to stay after service and come down to the Memorial Hall for a light lunch. All are welcome.

The Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Women's Talking Stick Healing Ceremony meets in the Social Room at 1pm. Register with Marilyn at [email protected] 

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Sunday at Scarboro – Feb 10, 2019

Worship Start Time: 10:30am
Theme: Fifth Sunday after Epiphany - Annual General Meeting & LUNCH

Read Lee's message HERE.

This Sunday we will incorporate our Annual General Meeting into our usual worship service. Service starts at 10:30, and the coffee will be on at 10 as usual! Read the Annual Report HERE.

After service, we will gather in the Memorial Hall for lunch, celebrating Rev. Lee Spice as she prepares to move into her new role as Pastoral Relations Minister for Region 3, Chinook Winds. Lee has been with us since 2010, come and help send her off with love and laughter.

Lee's last sermon at Scarboro will be on February 17th, and her last service here will be an intergenerational service on February 24th. We have been so lucky to have her all to ourselves for nearly a decade; now it's time for her to spread her gifts to the wider United Church.

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Sermon – The Light of Evangelism

 A Parable:

Once there was a man who said so many wonderful things and did so many wonderful things, that people just had to follow him.

The name we know him by is Jesus.

He had Good News.  He told about the kin-dom of God – a way of being together based on love and justice.  The kin-dom was a community where God’s light shone clearly.

“That’s funny,” thought the people.  “When we listen and talk to this man, we see the light of God shining through him.  It is very hard to tell where he stops and God begins.”  (Light a candle)

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