Exploring and Celebrating Our Faith

Scarboro United - Mission Team

Faith Community Stewardship

The Exploring and Celebrating Our Faith Mission Team provides spiritual leadership that supports Scarboro’s growth as a vibrant and inviting faith community, for the higher purpose of experiencing the Holy and bringing ourselves and others to God. It includes the complementary areas of Worship, Christian Development, Children & Youth Ministry, and Music Ministry. It promotes our use of inclusive language, intentional and visible recognition of others’ faith experiences and the celebration of diversity.


  1. To promote spiritual health and practice for all ages;
  2. To facilitate faith formation for all ages;
  3. To celebrate meaningful, relevant and diverse worship; and
  4. To lead and celebrate meaningful and diverse music ministry.

We take great pride in the work we have done and know that we are just one part of a much larger team that is responsible for the development of positive energy here at Scarboro. We have received the comment that there is an ‘aliveness in this community’; in this we should all say ‘Amen’.

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