Welcoming and Supporting Our Community

Scarboro United - Mission Team

Faith Community Stewardship

In addition to supporting its faith community, Scarboro is committed to serving its local and wider community. We offer opportunities for people create meaningful connections with the local and wider communities as well as nurture and support the Scarboro “family”.

With a social justice and outreach focus, Scarboro maintains intentional relationships with numerous community organizations and contributes volunteer and financial resources to organizations such as the Drop-In Centre and the Interfaith Food Bank.

Scarboro is home to many: over 60 groups use an affordable and comfortable rental space for their activities. Groups range from choirs and orchestral groups to those providing social or addictions support.

Special Projects

Special projects of the Welcoming and Supporting our Community Team in the last year included:

Nurturing a Spiritual Environment

  • Pastoral Care,
  • Fellowship,
  • Recognition and Membership

Good Neighbour

  • June Neighbour Day

Regional Church

  • Programs of the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada

Four Directions (Outreach)

  • LBGTQ: co-sponsoring the annual Human Rites Conference,
  • Environmental: hosting Iron and Earth environmental group
  • Poverty: co-sponsoring a Syrian refugee family,
  • Reconciliation: hosting and sponsoring an Indigenous / Non-Indigenous Women’s Healing Circle

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