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The Scarboro United Church is dedicated to connecting and infusing the local, regional, national and global community with spirited talk and action. In order to do this, we rely on your good work and financial contributions. There are many ways you can give and get involved:

Your Time

As a Christian community in a largely secular society, we recognize the need to respond to the spiritual hunger of our time. Toward this end, we provide opportunities for education and discussion in contemporary theology, biblical interpretation, and spirituality.

There are many projects, activities, and groups that you can join, both locally and now globally. Please approach the minister if you are interested in helping with any of our spirited work or join a Mission Team.

Your Finances

Despite many talents, Scarboro must still rely upon financial contributions to carry out its local/global activities. To help us help our world, we are raising nearly $450,000 through your kind donations. These donations support the ministry, facilities, and activities within and outside Scarboro.

Please write cheques made out to Scarboro United Church, and deliver them personally (stop by and say hello), or send them to:

Scarboro United Church
134 Scarboro Avenue S.W.
Calgary AB T3C 2H1

We look forward to your involvement with us!

Also, take a minute and read more about our Building Project. We are currently undergoing renovations for phase 2 and an expected to finish in fall of 2016!

Otherwise, view the Scarboro Calendar of Events for all the upcoming events.

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