Lenten Challenge

Every week during Lent a new link will be added here, click on the underlined week(s) to see the current (and past) challenges as we journey through the season of Lent together! Read more about this challenge, and how it can benefit our whole community below:

Lenten Challenge Calendar, week 1

Normally during Lent and the Easter season, we ask you to consider an extra offering to the church that is over and above your usual weekly or monthly amounts.

However, this year we encourage to try these Lenten challenges over the 6 weeks of Lent, beginning on February 21.  We will offer you challenges in the way of Reflections, Actions, Donations and most important small Fundraising activities for the church!  You can choose to try all the challenges or pick and choose a few.  These challenges will differ each week, so we invite you to click on the links above and see what you can do each week.  Consider sharing your achievements or what you discover during the social time each Sunday after our online services.

Since we cannot have our normal fundraising and community building events this spring, we ask you to seriously consider trying these Fundraising challenges for the church.  The hope is these ideas will provide you with a sense of community, while you complete the activities.  Add up your gifts and send your donations to the church each week, or wait to celebrate on Easter Sunday and send them in by etransfer or cheque.  The foodbank and shelter items can also be delivered to the church after Easter and will be taken to the organizations at that time.

Use Lent 2021 to contemplate your faith and your commitment to the church.  Challenge yourself!