Picture Day! Sep 11-14

From September 11-14 we will be having professional photos taken for our new Scarboro church directory.

There have been a number of changes in our congregation and in our staff and ministry leadership since 2015/16, and it's time for a fresh start! There is no cost to have your photos taken, and everyone who chooses a photo for the directory will receive a free copy when they come out. If you are looking to purchase new family portraits, professional photos, or Christmas postcards - this is a handy opportunity.

"Who uses a directory?" you may ask... you would be surprised! The copies in the church office get lots of use, and they are always handy when trying to put a name to a face, or to get in touch with each other. (It's also neat to go back and browse pictures of old friends, watch kids and families grow up, and see who used to have more hair!)

Don't miss out! Contact the office to schedule your session.

*** If you missed your chance to have a photo taken, please contact the office to make alternate arrangements.





The Decision Is In


At the congregational meeting on June 16, 2019 the congregation of Scarboro United Church voted to accept the recommendation of our Ministry Profile & Search Committee to extend a call to Rev. Erin Klassen.


Erin was appointed to serve in team ministry with Rev. Lee Spice at the beginning of 2018, and she has continued to serve the community of faith in solo ministry since Lee's departure to the Chinook Winds Region in February of this year.

After 18 months of loving, committed service to this community, let us celebrate this decision, faithfully affirmed by the people of Scarboro United and led by the Spirit. Let us celebrate the stability and security our ministry gains moving forward.