Calgary Alliance for the Common Good – May 2020 Discernment Assembly

Scarboro's Vote Counts

As a partner organization in the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, Scarboro will have a voting delegate at the Alliance’s upcoming virtual Discernment Assembly on Monday, May 25, 2020. (everyone should register to attend here).  There are nine suggestions that the Alliance is bringing forward.  Scarboro has members working on several of these teams since the last assembly. Several of the suggestions are recent additions in response to Covid-19.

Please read a summary of the proposals by clicking here.

They include:

  • implementing a Canada wide Guaranteed Annual Income
  • requesting a Green Stimulus Campaign with the City's plan to  build 4 new city centres and the Transit Green Line,
  • increasing the number of CPS Aboriginal Liaison Officers,
  • accessing computers and internet for low income Calgarians,
  • increasing stimulus spending on housing homeless Calgarians,
  • improving access to mental health professionals in our schools,
  • increasing the Mental Health Mobile response team to a 24/7 access,
  • changing the way all public services are presented to reflect a more Trauma Informed model
  • implementing more Mental Health and Social Isolation community training opportunities within our Alliance and keeping current levels of public funding for city programs.

Do you want Scarboro to show agreement and put energy behind these projects?  Scarboro needs to cast a vote on each proposal at Monday's meeting.  Scarboro’s delegate wants to fairly represent our opinions at the assembly.  In order to listen to your opinions on these projects, Erin is available to discuss these issues with you through an online meeting on Thursday, May 21 at 4pm (see the special Tuesday edition of the E-Newsletter for the password).

Scarboro's attendees at the Discernment Assembly on Monday May 25th will also have a short time in a break out room to discuss the proposals.  They will have heard each teams short presentation and the larger group discussion.  So please RSVP saying that you are part of the Scarboro core team for this meeting.