Sunday at Scarboro – May 5, 2019

Worship Start Time: 10:30am
Theme: Journey to Jerusalem - Week Two

Come to Scarboro as we worship together every Sunday. We will have the coffee on at 10, so come early and catch up with your community.

This Easter season, we are logging kilometers walked, steps counted, minutes of physical activity - and also spiritual activity (prayer, scripture verses, meditation), and participation in & service to our church community. Find the tear off slip on the back of the ScarboroNews to log your total 'kilometers' as we strive to cover the distance from Calgary to Jerusalem between now and Pentecost.

This week, we aspired to reach Ogoki, Ontario (the official mileage will be tallied and posted online on Monday). Whether we made our goal or not, we will keep on truckin' with a new goal of Hawkes Bay, Newfoundland for May 12.

Each Sunday we will pause to pray for the cities, towns, and countries that we pass through. As we travel across the prairies this week, we pray for advocates working for improved mental health and social services for Indigenous youth. We also pray for communities who are digging out from recent Spring snowstorms and anticipating swollen rivers and seasonal flooding.

Don't forget to:
- RSVP for Soup Night on May 10 (5km for attending, BONUS 2km for volunteering)
- Sign up for a Fruits of the Spirit workshop on May 11 (5km for a half day, 10km for the full day)
- Buy your tickets to the Spring Thing on May 25 (5km for attending, BONUS 2km for volunteering) let Mary know if you have any items or services to donate to the silent auction

After worship, head down to the Marilyn Perkins - Memorial Hall for a cup of tea or coffee and good conversation. See you there!

Fruits of the Spirit Weekend

This year we are offering:

  • stenciling with Bob - 10-Noon
  • crochet with Erin - 10-Noon
  • celebration banners with Craig - 10-Noon & 1-3
  • boomwhackers with Richard 1-3
  • meditation with Pace 1-3

We will be kicking off the weekend with another community Soup Night on May 10 - let us know if you will be coming for supper (free!) or contact Jill Newman to volunteer.

Save the Date - May 25

Live band! Dancing! Refreshments! Silent Auction!

If you can pitch in (by calling local vendors to follow up on donations for the auction, setting up in advance, selling or collecting tickets, or lending a hand in the kitchen), or if you have auction items - including "service" items - to donate, get in touch with Mary Axworthy.

Check out the latest news, updated every Friday: